The path of 'Self-Discovery'

Wisdom Foundation has been dedicatedly working to empower Indian marginalized women on various aspects such as social, educational and economical needs by delivering specific courses for them.

Undergoing our 'Women Empowerment Certification' courses, women can improve literacy, educate their children with basic skills, keep pace with the ever changing external world, start a small business to gain financial independence, build their self confidence and so gain equality importance in the society.

We have a live project in action for:

Wisdom Foundation has been chosen one among many NGOs in India, to present our project in the presence of 1000 dignitaries at New Delhi, on 30th April 2023.

This project is surely going to appeal many CSR funding companies, to donate and support this project to benefit many.

Wisdom Foundation has received Pure Social Impact Award-2022 (CSR Conference), as one of the Best Partner NGO working in the area of Service Excellence in Health Care.

Pure India Trust is a reputed NGO who helps many other NGOs to establish, estimate & deliver useful projects to achieve bigger social impact. Pure India has been awarding first 10 project ideas by NGOs out of hundreds of other NGOs those who participate in this competition. Pure India also guides NGOs in obtaining essential CSR funds to deliver projects. 

Wisdom Foundation feels fortunate and inspired to receive this award. Our CSR funded project has a larger impact on migrant women sugarcane cutters. Our project will increase health awareness and women's life.

Wisdom Foundation offers following popular 'Women Empowerment Certification' courses  which enables marginalized women to face the challenges in the world:

Jijau Scholarship

Wisdom Foundation has decided to offer 'Jijau Scholarship' to poor women who wish to take courses on life skills to live an independent and successful life. 

Email us at team@wisdomngo.org with your details if you are in need of our guidance.